Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy Blog Day - 2005

Cake Fun tagged me for Blog Day 2005, an idea put forward by Nir Ofir.

These are the blogs I have chosen:

Narrator Here are simple notes on real life experience, written by a Turkish engineer working in America

Algerian Cuisine, a food blog by an instructor in the Culinary Institute in America, born of Algerian parents in France, and who received training as a chef in France.

Hamburger and Croissant in Turkish. Food news by a French girl married to an American man, living in Pennsylvania.

Franco-American News & Events, a compilation of news and events current and ongoing in regard to being Franco-American.

Commentary From the Margins - challenging the social constructs underpinning Western theology through the restoration of the primitive faith.

May all of us who peruse the magic of the internet, and its freedoms be inspired to greater heights in whatever fields we roam.

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