Sunday, October 23, 2005

Cooking the Old Fashioned Way - Roundup 1

It would seem that as soon as this meme was suggested, the disasters worldwide seemed to increase. Several bloggers experienced mini-disasters, which kept them from sharing, but they have begun to work on January's meme, the second installment of Cooking the Old Fashioned Way - aka Disaster Preparedness.

First in to CTOFW1, with an earthy way of cooking, is June using bamboo, banana leaves and tikar to cook rice. A staple in much of the world, rice, or any other grass seed or cereal grain, might be prepared in just this way.

June talks about "fire" stored in bamboo so she can dispense with matches. Another handy way to "make" fire is to use broken glass to focus the sun's energy to start a fire for cooking and to provide warmth and heat to boil water for sterilization and drinking.

Next is Helen with salmon "cooked" with a salt cure, also known as gravlax, an ancient food. Again, fish is a food available in most of the world, and salting it would answer some of the problems of storage.

Last, but certainly not least, Mrs. D from Belly-Timer gives us the first installment of a fiction of being without power--enjoy!
January's meme, the second installment of Cooking the Old Fashioned Way will switch to another season, complete with different weather problems and the possibility or lack of resources. I encourage you to speak with the elders in your communities and to search your local archives, cellars and attics--CTOFW2 will be here before you know it.

Many thanks to all of those who contacted me with questions and comments regarding this meme--I look forward to your responses and to sharing your discoveries in Cooking the Old Fashioned Way.

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