Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Gizzards - All You Can Eat!

It’s not often that I’m tempted to venture far from my own fire to taste someone else’s cooking, but when the town crier (radio) announced that the local tavern down on The Landing would be serving ‘all you can eat chicken gizzards,’ I couldn’t resist.

A corner table was available and soon I had a basket of gizzards served with a small marmite of baked beans and a roll. A tiny pot of tomato & horseradish coulis and a jug of sweet jalapeno mustard were offered as condiments.

The gizzards, covered in a light fritter batter, had been deep-fried and were tender, moist and crunchy. Each crisp piece of gizzard was dipped in either a mustard or a tomato sauce. I truly couldn’t decide which I liked better. The serving was just enough—after eating the baked beans, I couldn’t have stuffed in another bite.

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